It took me weeks to pick a name for my Seattle video production and content creation company. I came up with ideas that revolved around me, Seattle, and even the Pacific Northwest. But in the end, I chose an original name – one that means everything to me: Moarly Creative.

So, what in the world is Moarly? The answer is pretty simple actually. Moarly is a play off my three grandparents’ names: Mohsie, Carol, and Wally. Add the bold parts together and you get Moarly. That’s just scratching the surface, though. The meaning behind the name runs much deeper than that.

Moarly Creative
Mohsie | Carol | Wally

There’s nothing more important to me than family. It’s one of the reasons I walked away from a 12 year career in television news. The demanding schedule of broadcasting zapped my weekends and evenings, leaving me with surface level relationship with my friends and loved ones. That just wasn’t enough for me. I wanted much more for my personal life.

In starting my video production and content creation company, I needed a name that reflected my heart, values, and character. That’s why I turned to my grandparents. They all had a hand in making me the person I am today. Using their names for my business puts family right in the center of Moarly Creative.

The Moarly Creative logo might look like a plain, old cursive logo, but it also has a tie to my family.

On August 14, 1945, Japan surrendered to the allied forces (also known as V-J Day or Victory over Japan Day). That finally brought an end to World War II. My grandpa Wally was one of the many Americans who took to the streets to celebrate. After a few drinks, Wally and his friends decided to get tattoos. My grandpa chose to get his name written in cursive on top of his left forearm. It was the one and only tattoo he ever got.

I always loved seeing Wally’s tattoo, and I often asked him to tell me the story about how he got it. I could listen to my grandpa tell stories for hours. He was a wonderful storyteller. Unfortunately, my grandpa passed away in February 2017. That means his tattoo and how he got it are now just a memory – a story – and it’s also the basis for the Moarly Creative logo.

Moarly Creative Logo

The M in Moarly is the W from Wally’s tattoo turned upside down, and the long tail on the Y also mirrors my grandpa’s tattoo (as does the cursive font). 

Wally was a tremendous human being; truly one-of-a-kind. He was a smart businessman, owning his own construction company in Chicago. When the mafia was looking for construction companies to have in their back pocket, my grandpa refused to take any work from them. It would have meant hefty profits, but he was a man with great character and values.

Later in his life, Wally started a new career. He began working for Mutual of Omaha in his 70s, and he became one of the top agents in the country. Again, he was in his 70s. Wally excelled at business, but he also loved building relationships. That was the key to his success in work and in life.

Even after my grandpa was diagnosed with cancer, he had motivational quotes written on Post-It notes in his apartment:

“Focus on your potential instead of your limitations.”

“Concentrate on accomplishments – ignore mediocre.”

Wally was always striving to be the best he could be. But in my eyes, he was perfect. There was no way my grandpa could get any better. Above anything else, he loved his family. It was his top priority up until the second he took his final breath.

I wish Wally were alive to see me running my own business. I’d love to turn to him for advice. That just isn’t possible, though. But every time I see the Moarly Creative logo, it reminds me of my grandpa, and that gives me all the motivation I need to be a better businessman, but more importantly, it drives me to be a better person.

So, what’s in a name? For Moarly Creative – it’s family. It’s as simple as that.

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