Moarly Creative Team


Meet the passionate, fun-loving team that makes Moarly Creative tick.

Tim Lewis | President / Executive Producer

For as long as I can remember, I wanted to tell stories. My dad was a longtime television newscaster and I admired what he did every night, telling story after story to the viewing audience.

I turned that appreciation into my own career as a television news reporter and sportscaster, last working at KOMO-TV in Seattle. After walking away from broadcasting, I started my path down content creation.

That means I still get to live my storytelling passion every single day, and I’m happy to offer my skills to you. I love brainstorming ideas, conducting conversational interviews, creating compelling scripts, and turning it all into the perfect piece of content.

On top of video production, I’m also a writer and blogger, and I have created social media content for television stations, numerous companies, and even my own personal brand. There are several great avenues to tell compelling stories and I cover them all.

Please contact me to find out how we can accomplish your content creation goals! I’m available individually or as part of the Moarly Creative team.

Spencer Kabelac | Videographer / Editor

I would be lying if I gave the clichĂ© line that “I’ve always had a passion for photo and video.” It’s something that didn’t develop until college, while studying communication at the Edward R. Murrow College of Communication. I originally wanted to be a television news reporter, but when I saw how the technical side of things were run, I was hooked on video production.

After graduation, I spent time at Microsoft Production Studios, did freelance work for Animal Planet’s Treehouse Masters, and then took a full-time position at a marketing company in Seattle. I spent three years shooting and editing feature stories, client testimonials, short documentaries, instructional videos, and whatever other projects came my way.

I’ve had the opportunity to share inspiring stories, which have reached thousands of people, and hopefully inspired them too. Putting stories into video form is invigorating, I feel that it’s my purpose in life. That, and golf. But I seriously doubt I’ll ever make a living doing that.

Moarly Logo

What’s up with the name Moarly?

By: Tim Lewis

It’s pretty simple, actually. Moarly is a play off of my grandparent’s names: Mohsie, Carol, and Wally (add it together for Moarly). Family is the most important thing in the world to me. I left television news to spend more time with the people I love most, so it was only fitting for my company to reflect that.

As for the Moarly logo, it mimics my grandpa’s tattoo. He had his name Wally inscribed in cursive on his left forearm while celebrating with friends on V-J Day (Vicory over Japan Day) in 1945. The M in the Moarly logo is the W from Wally turned upside down, and the extended tail on the Y also directly reflects his tattoo. Wally was a one-of-a-kind human being, a smart businessman, and one helluva storyteller, so I wanted to honor him with a piece of my company.

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