If you’re like me, finances are hard to understand. It’s like a different language and I just don’t speak it. It’s something I want to know really bad, though. That’s where HomeStreet Bank comes in. They asked me and my Seattle video production company to host their new Dollars & Sense webcast – with several subject matter experts – to help simplify your finances.

I don’t know much about banking but I know a thing or two about hosting programs. I spent more than a decade as a television news reporter and sportscaster. There’s nothing I’m more comfortable doing than conducting interviews on-camera. This role really fits me, too. HomeStreet Bank wants a host without banking experience for the Dollars & Sense webcast. That way, when a question pops into my head, it’s likely a question a viewer would ask as well.

In the Dollars & Sense webcast we cover multiple topics: understanding credit, buying a home, mobile banking and more. To get the best understanding, I sit down with multiple subject matter experts: bankers and loan officers with years of experience and education. It’s a blast getting to know each person and also better understanding finances in the process.

Take a look at one of the Dollars & Sense webcasts HomeStreet Bank has published:

Vicki Sweeten, a loan officer and renovation specialist at HomeStreet Bank, and one of our subject matter experts, shared this about her experience with me on the Dollars & Sense webcast:

“Tim made the videos incredibly easy to film. He asked great questions and kept the content on track. When we were done with the shoot, I honestly wanted to keep going. I feel that Tim brought out the best in me, and that can be difficult in front of a video camera.”

Dollars & Sense Webcast

If you’re struggling to understand finances, the HomeStreet Bank Dollars & Sense webcast is perfect for you. All you have to do is check out their website for more information. You can also visit any local branch to learn more.

If you need a host for your next video project or you’re simply looking for a Seattle video production and content creation company, please feel free to contact me at Moarly Creative. You can also connect with me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. If you have any other comments, please leave them below!