Advanced Traffic Control is the leading traffic control company in Western Washington. They have the right experience, employees and equipment to help contractors shut down local freeways for construction projects. The only problem: they didn’t have a way to showcase their capabilities. They don’t even have a website. That’s why they turned to us to create a company feature video.

The target audience for the feature video is contractors in need of a traffic control company. In other words, it’s a business development tool to secure new business. The goal was to highlight their years of experience, loads of equipment, and staff flexibility to fit any need in Seattle and beyond.

Advanced Traffic Control Feature Video Safety Meeting

​​”We approached Moarly Creative about a company feature video that would showcase our company’s size, strength, and skill,” said Advanced Traffic Control general manager Nick Chambers. “We appreciate the way Tim dove deep to fully understand our business.”

We used one and a half shoot days with Advanced Traffic Control to capture interviews and b-roll for the feature video. To fully capture their skill and capabilities, we tagged along on two freeway closures with the Advanced Traffic Control team. Those closures required us to get creative with drones, GoPros, and handheld cameras to snag every angle of the work.

And as you might expect, traffic control is dangerous. Advanced Traffic Control shuts down active lanes of traffic with cars and trucks speeding by. And they mostly do their work at night. So safety is another key piece of the Advanced Traffic Control feature video. They proudly have one of the highest safety ratings in the industry.

Advanced Traffic Control Feature Video Sign

“Tim and his team safely worked with our crews as they conducted dangerous freeway closure operations to capture the content they needed to properly tell our story,” Chambers said. “The end result is a video that exceeded our expectations.”

It didn’t take long for us to see why Advanced Traffic Control is so highly regarded in the construction industry. They partner with contractors to create and execute complex traffic control plans. They have tons of equipment and an impeccable safety record. And they have a hardworking team that helped us safely execute a successful feature video project in difficult conditions.

And Advanced Traffic Control is already seeing a return on investment.

“Our video is already being used to secure new work with contractors,” Chambers said.

Advanced Traffic Control Feature Video Closure

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