Seattle is one of the fast growing cities in the United States. That means buildings, bridges, homes, and more are going up and coming down all over the city. Each project has its own complexities and the best way to show them off is to hire a Seattle construction video production company.

That’s where we come in at Moarly Creative. Our Seattle video production company has covered construction projects up and down the West Coast. And with complex construction projects happening from Tacoma to Bellingham and anywhere in between, we are here to help showcase your work.

Seattle Construction Video Production

We typically create construction videos for websites and social media, but there’s additional value to each one of our stories. We have construction and demolition companies use our videos to solidify a CFP, while others showcase their work as a business development tool to other potential customers. That’s a serious return on investment!

And on top of our video production, we also capture project photos while we are on-site with your team. With photos and videos, that covers all your visual content needs and gives you an edge over competitors.

Seattle Construction Video Production

The best part is: we’re mobile and flexible to fit any construction video need. We’ve worked with contractors and subcontractors on the waters of Cook Inlet in Alaska, and in the dry heat of the Mojave Desert in California. Wherever you need our video production company, we’ll go there. And we’ll grind to get exactly what you need to showcase every project while also staying safe and out of your way.

We have even helped a local company secure a multi-million dollar bid with an RFP video we created with them. And we turned over to them less than 48 hours after the video shoot. Like I mentioned, we love to grind.

The answer is simple. If you’re looking for a Seattle construction video production team, we’re right here at Moarly Creative. Please contact us or connect with us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Let’s showcase your construction projects together!