It takes a lot to coordinate a photoshoot. And the same goes for a video shoot. But it doesn’t take much to tackle corporate photography and videography all at once. There is no doubt more businesses and organizations are realizing this and requesting that we capture photos and videos all in the same shoot.

At Moarly Creative, we are a video production and content creation company. So we have the experience, skills and resources to capture corporate photography and videography for your marketing projects. And we do it as a single vendor. There’s no need for you to juggle anything. You can trust us with all your content needs.


It’s not everyday a major company rebrands and moves into a new office. But that’s exactly what happened at Crowley. The global maritime giant created a new brand identity, including a refreshed logo and colors. Meanwhile, the Jacksonville based company moved its Seattle office from the port to downtown. And Crowley hired us to capture photography and videography to refresh their website and social media with relevant content.

corporate photography and videography seattle

Crowley hired our team for three straight days of corporate photography and videography in Seattle. The first day focused on capturing employees working in the new downtown office. The second shoot day took us on tugboats to capture a live ship assist. While the third day included photography and videography of Crowley employees running through drills on a simulator at the Pacific Maritime Institute.

We worked as a three-person team to capture real, authentic moments. And to make sure we shot every possible angle, we gathered photographs and video with drones, GoPro cameras, and ground level with a photographer and videographer.

Penhall Company

Every year, the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California shuts down the Colorado River Aqueduct for two weeks for repairs. And recently Penhall Company was hired to do those repairs. And to capture corporate photography and videography of the project, Penhall Company hired us.

corporate photography and videography

We flew from Seattle to California to meet Penhall Company crews in the Mojave Desert. Not only did Penhall Company only have seven days to make all the required repairs, they needed to make 117 repairs in just under 100 miles. That means we were on the move as they quickly and safely tackled their duties.

And just like we did with Crowley, we used drones, GoPro cameras, and a ground level photographer and videography to capture all the moments. Penhall Company received a high quality project video and still photographs for use on social media and its website.

Blackwood Builders Group

Blackwood Builders Group builds spectacular homes around the Seattle area. Beyond that, they are also committed to serving their community. And sometimes that means volunteering at two events on a single day.

Recently, One Seattle Day of Service fell on the same day as Rampathon, which is the annual wheelchair access ramp build conducted by members of the Master Builders Association of King and Snohomish Counties. And Blackwood Builders Group was committed to taking part in both community events.

corporate photography and videography seattle day of service

They turned to us to capture corporate photography and videography of their team at work. We started with a group of volunteers on Capitol Hill in Seattle for One Seattle Day of Service, and then headed north to Everett where Blackwood Builders Group volunteers were building a wheelchair access ramp for someone in need.

And you’re likely sensing a pattern here, we used drones, GoPro cameras and a photographer and videographer on the ground to capture all the amazing moments.

Corporate Photography and Videography

Just like you only get one chance to make a first impression, you only have one chance to capture a moment. Once it passes you by, you never get it back again. Be sure to capture every moment of your next project or event with corporate photography and videography. A single shoot provides twice the results from one single vendor. It doesn’t get much simpler than that.

Our team is ready to spring into action for you. Please contact us by phone, text or email. Or find us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. You can also find more of our video production on YouTube and Vimeo. We are also happy to share more samples of our corporate photography.