The Colorado River Aqueduct is a feat of engineering, running 242 miles from Arizona to California. But more importantly, it is one of the primary sources of drinking water for Southern California. This year, Penhall Company was hired to repair the aqueduct, and our Seattle video production and content creation company was right there while they performed the work.

Due to the harsh conditions in the desert between Arizona and California, cracks develop in the Colorado River Aqueduct. So the Metropolitan Water District shuts the aqueduct down for two weeks every year. That means any repairs needs to be done quickly.

Colorado River Aqueduct Shutdown Penhall

And that’s no easy task, especially when you know how much work needs to be done. This year, Penhall Company needed to repair 117 locations over nearly 100 miles in 6 different locations throughout the Mojave Desert. To make things even more challenging, they only had 7 days to complete their scope of work. That way they could allow the general contractor to pour new concrete to finish each repair.

To get a much better look at the Colorado River Aqueduct job, here is the video we created for Penhall Company.

We spent two full days with Penhall Company in California. On top of our usual video production gear, we also utilized drone and GoPro cameras to capture time lapse video and hard to reach places (like the end of a wall saw).

While our video production team was on the job site, I also snapped still photographs for Penhall Company; all of which were used in their marketing materials. Here is just one sample of a photograph we took being used in their red and gray campaign on Instagram.

With 117 repairs scattered over 6 different locations in the desert, this could have been an exceptionally challenging video production. But, we were able to excel thanks to solid communication on teamwork with Penhall Company. We can’t wait to partner with them again! It wasn’t our first time teaming with them either — check out this powerful testimonial.

Colorado River Aqueduct Shutdown Penhall

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You can also click here to learn more about Penhall Company.