There’s no doubt TRICO Contracting, Inc. loves its community. Many of their principals and employees have lived and worked in Skagit Valley for most of their lives. That’s one of the main reasons they wanted to secure a bid to build the new Skagit Valley YMCA.

Listen to this story:


TRICO hired us to tell their incredible story. The goal of the video: show their passion for the community, share their individual experiences at the YMCA, and reveal why they are the right company for the job. To do this, we interviewed several TRICO employees and current customers.


We gathered all the interviews and then logged, scripted, edited, and delivered the final product to TRICO in just two days. They needed the video in a rush for their upcoming bid. With a background in television news, we live for tight deadlines at Moarly Creative. So, this turnaround was right in our wheelhouse.

Mission accomplished! The video we created for TRICO helped them earn the $24 million bid to build a new 60,000-square-foot YMCA in Mount Vernon. It was a huge win for them and us. As we are with all of our partners, we’re extremely invested in the success of every project. This is a team effort, after all!

“We want to say thank you for the work you did on our video,” emailed one TRICO employee. “We are just so impressed with how you were able to tell the story exactly how we imagined it.”

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