Recruiting the right talent for your business has never been easy. But it’s seemingly more difficult now than ever before. So you need to use every angle to attract potential employees to your business. And one of those angles should be a recruiting video.

Chris Taylor is one of my videographers at Moarly Creative. He’s a talented shooter but on top of that he also runs his own business: Dawg Eat Dogs in Tacoma. I often ask him how business is going and one of his pain points is always recruiting and retaining employees.

recruiting video dawg eat dogs
Dawg Eat Dogs employees work an event in Tacoma

To level up his search for the right workers, Chris decided to create a recruiting video. He simply tagged along with one of his employees for the day. The video simply includes an interview with his employee and it also showcases the work of operating a hot dog stand. It encompasses everything you need to know about the job in a two minute recruiting video.

And the results were tremendous. The recruiting video helped Chris quadruple the amount of applicants for his business. He received feedback that the video really helped them understand the role and made them want to apply for the job. The people he ended up hiring both came to apply thanks to the recruiting video.

I know you’ve heard it a thousand times. Video is a powerful tool for your business. But the success of the Dawg Eat Dogs recruiting video shows just how powerful video can be. In a time that it’s extremely difficult to land quality talent, Dawg Eat Dogs is now excelling thanks to its video.

recruiting video dawg eat dogs tacoma
Dawg Eat Dogs serving the Tacoma Night Market

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