People are constantly consuming stories. Just go to a local coffee shop and look around. Someone is watching videos on Facebook. Another is reading the newspaper. And there’s also someone listening to a podcast. The demand for stories is growing every single day. It’s time for your company to jump into the storytelling mix.

There’s clearly demand for stories, but you might be wondering what the true value of storytelling is for your business. How can it actually help you? The answer is simple. All you have to do is take a gander at this survey by Origin/Hill Holiday — or — you can just let us break it down for you.

Before we dive too deep, let’s take a look at the survey’s methodology. Origin/Hill Holiday used a representative sample of 3,000 online panel participants from 23-65 years old. The sample was balanced by age, gender, and region to the U.S. Census. Origin/Hill Holiday created a series of experiments in which customers were shown an item with a standard description, and the same item with a more detailed “storytelling” description.

The results are very clear – storytelling wins every time. And it not only wins, storytelling adds perceived value.

storytelling true value for your business
Video production is one way to successfully share your stories

When customers were shown a general description for a hotel room, they valued the hotel at $126. When consumers were presented the same hotel room with a customer story, the value jumped to $133. The room matched with the story was worth 5% more.

When participants were shown an image of a painting with the title, artist’s name, and year, the perceived value was $99.53. When the same image of the painting was shown with the artist’s personal story, the value increased to $109.98. The painting with the artist’s story was deemed 11% more valuable.

Storytelling even helps wine stand out from the pack. Customers were shown a product page featuring four bottles of California Chardonnay with standard tasting notes, and they were also shown the same bottles of wine with the winemaker’s story instead of tasting notes. Participants were 5% more likely to choose the wine with the winemaker’s story and they were willing to pay 6% more for it.

If that’s not enough for you, here’s one final example of the true value of storytelling for your business. Shown an eBay listing for a set of fish-shaped spoons with a brief description, customers perceived the value at $42.83. When the same fish-shaped spoons were listed with a short fictional story, the value launched to $70.08. Not to mention, the listing with the story attracted 64% more bids than the listing without the story.

The conclusion according to Ilya Verdashko of Hill Holiday: “Every time the product that had a story pulled in more money than the same product without one. Storytelling moves not only people, but it also moves product.”

That right there is the true value of storytelling for your business.

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