There is no content more powerful than a patient success video. But it takes the right video production and content creation company to make patient stories impactful and unforgettable. Emotion and heart resonates with an audience. By using authentic interviews and capturing high quality visuals, we excel at storytelling in any healthcare setting.

Take this patient success video we created with Prytime Medical Devices for example:

Emily Forbes was surprised when she found out she was pregnant again. She thought she was done having kids. But an even bigger surprise came weeks into her pregnancy, when she found out she had placenta accreta.

“Accreta is where the placenta acts like a cancer. Instead of attaching to the uterus, it grows into the uterus,” said Forbes during our interview for her patient success video.

patient success video emily forbes prytime medical device
Our interview set up for the Emily Forbes patient success video

As you can imagine, placenta accreta is a serious condition. It requires a C-section and a hysterectomy, and it can lead to massive bleeding and even death. And since Forbes lives in rural Oklahoma, she needed to receive care in Dallas more than 100 miles away.

* Yes, we are a Seattle video production company but we are hired to travel anywhere and everywhere to share powerful patient success videos.

“It is a very complex disease with a mortality rate approaching six or seven percent. That is in its own category of how high that is,” said Forbes’ OBGYN Dr. Robert Cohen. “It’s a sobering experience, and it’s happened on a number of occasions, where right before the patient is put under general anesthesia, they look into my eyes and say, ‘Please don’t let me die.’ And that’s a huge responsibility.”

patient success video emily forbes prytime medical device
Emily Forbes reunites with Dr. Robert Cohen at the hospital

That’s why Dr. Cohen uses the Prytime Medical Devices REBOA in every case of placenta accreta he handles. Sometimes he inflates the REBOA and other times he does not. But it is always in position just in case. For Emily Forbes, she started bleeding more than expected, so the REBOA was inflated. It slowed the bleeding and allowed for successful delivery and successful surgery.

“I really did survive,” Forbes said with tears in her eyes. “My son wakes up every day full of smiles. You look at him and he just lights up. I’ve gotten to enjoy these four months with him. If it wasn’t for Dr. Cohen and if it wasn’t for the REBOA, I would’ve been gone for four months now.”

“To be able to take care of women and babies, and get them to that point that they can have a healthy baby, a safe delivery, it’s why people go into obstetrics,” said Dr. Cohen in our patient success video.

patient success video emily forbes prytime medical device
Emily Forbes walking with her family at Lake Texoma

Forbes isn’t taking life for granted. She says that she enjoys the little things so much more than she used to, like feeling the wind blow in her hair or simply taking walks with her family.

“I’m just extremely grateful,” she said. “I’m very blessed to be here.”

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