It’s one thing to have healthcare videos on your website or social media platforms. But it’s another to have healthcare videos done right with high quality video, pinpoint audio and professional storytelling. That’s why numerous medical professionals, facilities and medical device companies have hired us for their Seattle healthcare video production needs.

There are obviously many different styles of healthcare videos and the good news is: we can create them all. And not just create them but do them right by conducting authentic, conversational interviews and capturing engaging video that helps draw in potential patients or customers.

Seattle healthcare video production
Dr. Alex Mohit performs surgery in front of our cameras

COAST Med Device, a medical device distributor focused on spine, biologics and orthopedics, hired us for Seattle healthcare video production. They asked us to create doctor profile videos in a series called Surgeons of Spine. We conducted sit down interviews with the surgeons and then followed them as they prepped for surgery and also invited us into the operating room. The outcome is powerful videos to help the doctors connect with patients through storytelling.

And in my opinion, there is no video more powerful in healthcare than patient success stories. They are amazing stories for us to share as a Seattle video production and content creation company but they are also extremely useful as a tool for you. And the story is everything. Anyone can mishmash soundbites together and call it a story but it takes a real storyteller to make the soundbites truly hum. And our 20+ years of professional storytelling makes us the right fit for your healthcare videos.

seattle healthcare video production
Chester Kitt, his wife Sarah, Dr. Mikhail Burakovskiy and our videographer

Kerecis, an Iceland-based company that is pioneering fish skin for wound treatment, turned to us for Seattle healthcare video production. The story revolved around Chester Kitt and his doctor Mikhail Burakovskiy. Kitt had a wound on his foot that wouldn’t heal for more than three years. He and his doctor tried everything they could, and then they found Kerecis fish skin. Kitt’s wound fully healed after just a few applications. Now he’s back to his normal life, fishing, motorcycling, and talking walks around the neighborhood with his wife.

And outside of doctor features and patient success stories, Seattle healthcare video production is also helpful in showcasing your facility and/or programs you offer.

We partnered with Proliance Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine to share their new outpatient joint program. The video showcases the new program through doctor and patient interviews. We were also allowed to follow a patient through the outpatient joint program from beginning to end to show how easy it is and also highlight the incredible level of care you receive from the Proliance Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine staff.

We know there is a need for Seattle healthcare video production. And we know there are a lot of Seattle video production companies and content creation companies to choose from. But be sure to contact us for your next project. Call, text, email or fill out our contact form — whatever is easiest for you. And then connect with us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, and see more of our video production on YouTube and Vimeo. Let’s make incredible healthcare videos together!