Unlike so many other industries, there is a need for video marketing in healthcare. It’s everywhere you look and for good reason. Videos are easy to consume and most importantly — when done well — they create trust and so much more. And there are different approaches to doctor video marketing services.

Doctor Introduction Video

One of the most common tools in our doctor video marketing services is the doctor introduction video. Doctor introduction videos include an interview and visuals of the doctor with patients and around their practice or facility. You know the videos I am talking about. And you know them because everyone uses them. So it’s important to make sure they are done well with high quality visuals and audio, and powerful storytelling. That way you stand out from the crowd.

COAST Med Device turned to our Seattle video production and content creation company for doctor video marketing services. We helped them create a series of videos that highlighted spine surgeons in and around the Seattle area. Authenticity is key and you find that in these doctor introduction videos. And you can see orange SeaSpine devices throughout the video — which COAST Med Device distributes.

doctor video marketing services alex mohit
Our interview with Dr. Alex Mohit for COAST Med Device

“We couldn’t be happier with the healthcare videos Moarly Creative makes for us,” said COAST Med Device distributor principal Mike Isaacson. “Tim’s conversational interview style digs into the heart of our stories. And his team works safely to capture incredible visuals inside and outside of the operating room. There is not a Seattle video production company we would rather partner with for our storytelling and content creation.”

Patient Success Video

Another powerful tool in our doctor video marketing services is a patient success video. These are some of our most favorite videos to create because they are storytelling at its finest. And there is nothing we love more at Moarly Creative than impactful storytelling.

Kerecis is one of the medical companies that hires us for patient success videos. They most recently turned to us to share the story of Marysville resident Chester Kitt and his Everett based doctor Mikhail Burakovskiy. A longtime diabetic, Kitt had a wound on his foot that wouldn’t heal. And then Dr. Burakovskiy was introduced to Kerecis fish skin technology. After just a few applications, Kitt’s wound was fully healed and he was finally able to return to life as normal.

doctor video marketing services chester kitt
Chester Kitt visits with Dr. Mikhail Burakovskiy in Everett

“Tim is an incredible storyteller who took our vision and made it come to life,” said Kale Puuohau of Kerecis. “The entire process was very easy and exceeded our expectations. I highly recommend Moarly Creative for their professionalism, passion, and fantastic results.”

Doctor Video Marketing Services

There are many different facets to doctor video marketing services and we can tackle them all, including explainer videos. For Proliance Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine (POSM), we helped them showcase a new outpatient joint program. To do so, we interviewed POSM doctors and captured a patient success story to create a powerful marketing video. On top of that, we were also trusted to follow another patient every step of the way through the program.

I mentioned the word before — authentic. On top of quality visuals and audio, and professional storytelling, authenticity is the final ingredient in successful doctor video marketing services. Our conversational interviews ensure authenticity, and we also capture doctors in real patient meetings, in surgery, etc. People can see right through doctor videos that aren’t created well.

After final delivery of our video, the director of practice development at POSM messaged me to say, “It was a pleasure working with you…you are SO talented.”

There is a reason healthcare facilities and professionals turn to video: it works. And I mean “it works” on so many different levels. Successful doctor video marketing services help draw emotion, sell a product or a service, build trust, and most importantly they provide incredible return on investment.

If you’re looking for doctor video marketing services in Seattle or beyond, you’ve come to the right place. Please contact us by phone, text or email. You can also find us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Or watch more of our healthcare video production on YouTube and Vimeo.