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Prytime Medical Devices is based in Boerne, Texas, but they still entrust our Seattle video production company for their storytelling needs. In this patient success story, we share the experience of Caitlin Sullivan, whose life was saved in part by the Prytime Medical Devices REBOA.

patient success story caitlin sullivan prytime medical
Our videographer capturing b-roll of Caitlin Sullivan for our patient success story

Caitlin Sullivan Patient Success Story

Caitlin Sullivan was visiting family in Colorado over spring break, and one day they decided to go skiing. Sullivan missed a turn she wanted to make and wound up in a bank of trees. Her injuries were so severe she was rushed to the nearest hospital, bypassing the emergency department and taken directly into surgery.

“Her blood pressure was incredibly low and her heart rate was incredibly fast because she was dying,” said Sullivan’s surgeon Dr. Rebecca Vogel in our patient success story.

Dr. Vogel found multiple fractures but the most alarming was a severe pelvic fracture that was causing excessive bleeding.

“We used the REBOA device to stop the bleeding in her pelvis while we continued to resuscitate her,” Dr. Vogel said. “Every second counts, it’s not even every minute. The moment we put that balloon up, her blood pressure went up. It really does help you buy more time while you continue to give blood products and get the person back living, basically.”

patient success story caitlin sullivan prytime medical
My interview with Caitlin Sullivan for her patient success story

Sullivan was in Colorado for a total of 37 days. She spent 12 of those days in a medical coma. She had 7 surgeries of which 6 were successful. Sullivan got pneumonia, infections and jaundice. But she survived to talk about it.

“I probably wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the REBOA,” Sullivan told us in our patient success story interview.

Since her accident, Sullivan has graduated from nursing school and traveled to different parts of United States and the world. Our video production team was with Sullivan and Dr. Vogel when they were reunited at a Prytime Medical Devices event in Texas.

“It’s nice to be like, ‘Wow, I did that.'” Dr. Vogel said. “What we do is all about saving a life. Whether it’s one life, hundreds of lives, every life matters. To celebrate that victory is just a beautiful thing.”

“You never think it’s gonna happen to you,” said Sullivan. “And then unfortunately, when it does, you just realize how lucky you are. I’m blessed to be sitting in this chair today. You just have to take life one day at a time.”

Sullivan’s patient success story is powerful stuff. Sure it’s a marketing tool but it sure as heck doesn’t feel like it. And there are other patient success videos we created just like it, including another for Prytime Medical Devices.

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