You can’t just hire anyone to create your healthcare videos. They are too important to just give to any random video production company. It’s vital to find a team with experience and healthcare video production testimonials. Healthcare videos require deep understanding, quality visuals and audio, and thoughtful storytelling to engage your audience.


We most recently partnered with Kerecis on healthcare video production. The Iceland-based medical device company needed a Seattle video production company to share a patient success video in Marysville.

Chester Kitt is in his 70’s and is a longtime diabetic. He needed to have part of his foot amputated due to a diabetic wound. After the surgery, a new wound wouldn’t heal. For three years, Kitt and his doctor Mikhail Burakovskiy tried everything to close the wound. They didn’t have any success until they tried Kerecis fish skin. After just a few applications, Kitt’s wound closed completely and he was able to return to life as normal.

“I had the pleasure of working with Moarly Creative on this heartwarming patient success story. The entire process was very easy and exceeded our expectations,” said Kale Puuohau of Kerecis. “Tim is an incredible storyteller who took our vision and made it come to life. I highly recommend Moarly Creative for their professionalism, passion and fantastic results.”

healthcare video production testimonials seattle
Our videographer captures b-roll during our video shoot with Kerecis in Everett

It’s important for us to make your healthcare video production as simple as possible. That means being with you every step of the way, but it also means being safe, following protocols and staying out of your way on shoot days.

“Shooting in a busy practice comes with unique challenges,” Puuohau said. “Tim and his team fully understood these dynamics and were able to get the footage they needed with no disruption to the daily flow of the practice.”

COAST Med Device

COAST Med Device is a Seattle based medical device distributor that focuses on spine, biologics and orthopedics. They recently turned to us for their healthcare video production needs. COAST Med Device wanted to create a series called Surgeons of Spine, which as the name says focuses on spine surgeons in and around the Seattle area.

healthcare video production testimonials seattle
Dr. Alex Mohit meets with a patient prior to surgery at NeoSpine in Puyallup

One of the healthcare videos focused on Dr. Alex Mohit. His background allows him to dive deep with his patients and find the root of their problems. He doesn’t conduct surgery until he knows exactly what’s wrong. He’s a positive guy and he truly cares about his patients, and that clearly comes through in his feature story.

We followed Dr. Mohit as he visited with a patient, prepped for surgery, and were trusted to follow him into the operating room as he conducted surgery. It’s that trust that made this healthcare video production really shine.

“We can’t be happier with the healthcare videos Moarly Creative makes for us,” said COAST Med Device distributor principal Mike Isaacson. “Tim’s conversational interview style digs into the heart of our stories. And his team works safely to capture incredible visuals inside and outside of the operating room. There is not a Seattle video production company we would rather partner with for our storytelling and content creation.”

Healthcare Video Production

Proliance Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine (POSM) was starting a new outpatient joint program, and for help launching that they hired us for healthcare video production. The program allows some patients to arrive at the hospital, have joint replacement surgery, and return home the very same day.

healthcare video production testimonials seattle
Shooting b-roll with Proliance Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine in Issaquah

To accurately capture the video, we interviewed surgeons and the very first person who completed the program. And much like COAST Med Device, POSM trusted us to follow a patient from check in, through surgery, and all the way to check out. That allowed us to properly show the depth and breadth of the outpatient joint program.

The Proliance Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine director of practice development messaged me after final delivery: “It was a pleasure working with you. You are SO talented.”

We take healthcare video production seriously. We hope examples of our work and testimonials prove that. Our Seattle video production company would love to partner with you next. Contact us by phone, text or email. Or find us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. You can also find more examples of our healthcare video production on YouTube and Vimeo.