There is no video more powerful than a well done patient success story. Whether it’s a doctor, medical device, facility or program — if it changes someone’s life or saves it — then it’s worth sharing. And that’s why numerous medical companies have partnered with us on Seattle patient success video production and more.

Patient Success Video Production| Kerecis + Chester Kitt

Kerecis is just the latest medical device company to hire us for patient success video production. Quickly, Kerecis is a company based in Iceland that is pioneering the use of fish skin (yes, fish skin) and fatty acids in cellular therapy and regenerative medicine markets. In simpler terms, their fish skin technology is used for healing wounds — burns, diabetic or otherwise.

patient success video production seattle
Chester Kitt and Dr. Mikhail Burakovskiy apply Kerecis fish skin

In the case of Chester Kitt, who lives north of Seattle in Marysville, Kerecis fish skin healed a diabetic wound that impacted Kitt’s life for more than three years. Over those three years, Kitt and his doctor Mikhail Burakovskiy tried every avenue they could to close the wound on Kitt’s foot. But, nothing worked. After just a few applications of Kerecis fish skin, Kitt’s wound fully closed. And that allowed him to finally get back to life as normal.

“I had the pleasure of working with Moarly Creative on a heartwarming patient success video,” said Kale Puuohau of Kerecis. “The entire process was very easy and exceeded our expectations. Tim is an incredible storyteller who took our vision and made it come to life. I highly recommend Moarly Creative for their professionalism, passion and fantastic results.”

Placenta Accreta | Prytime Medical + Emily Forbes

And then there was our powerful patient success video production with Emily Forbes. We were hired by Texas-based Prytime Medical to travel to Texas and Oklahoma to show how their ER-REBOA device is being used to help save lives.

Forbes thought she was done having kids and was surprised by the news that she was pregnant again. Even more surprising and frightening was the fact that she had placenta accreta, which is a serious condition that happens when the placenta grows deeply into the uterine wall. The condition requires additional surgery during a C-section. And if not handled correctly, it can lead to massive blood loss and even death.

patient success video production seattle
Emily Forbes talks to Dr. Robert Cohen in Dallas

Forbes, who lives in rural Oklahoma, needed to be seen by an OBGYN in Dallas due to the risks associated with placenta accreta. That doctor, Robert Cohen, uses the Prytime Medical ER-REBOA in every placenta accreta delivery and ensuing surgery he does. In Forbes’s case, she started bleeding more than anticipated and the ER-REBOA was inflated, slowing the bleeding and allowing for successful delivery and surgery.

You can watch another Prytime Medical patient success video that we created here.

Knee Replacement | POSM + Tom Patnode

Patient success video production doesn’t have to be lifesaving to be incredible either. We worked with Proliance Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine to share the news of their outpatient joint program. Not only does the program allow patients to leave the same day as surgery, it also allows them to live a more comfortable life.

patient success video production seattle
The Proliance Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine outpatient joint program

Tom Patnode, a Seattle area resident, shared his personal experience with us. Patnode needed knee replacement surgery but didn’t want to stay overnight in the hospital. That’s why he turned to Proliance Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine and its outpatient joint program. Patnode had his surgery, went home the same day, and is now back to living a full life of golfing, boating and playing with his grandchildren.

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