There are always advances being made in the world of medicine, and there’s no better way to share those advances than through medical videos. That’s why we were hired by Proliance Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine in Seattle; to create a video about their new Outpatient Joint Replacement Program.

Seattle Medical Videos Moarly

Joint replacement surgery used to require a hospital stay, but that’s not necessary anymore. Outpatient joint replacement is a safe, cost-effective alternative to inpatient procedures. Proliance Orhtopaedics & Sports Medicine is one of the local facilities providing this same-day option to patients.

To tell the story of the Proliance Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine Outpatient Joint Replacement Program, we interviewed several surgeons and the first patient to ever go through the program. For b-roll, we followed a patient as she went through the process step-by-step from beginning to end. Take a look at the final video!

I have great news: medical videos don’t have to be boring. They can move quickly, tell a great story, and still be full of information – much like we did here for Proliance Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine. We touched on all the important talking points, heard from an actual client, and built excitement around the Outpatient Joint Replacement Program.

The director of practice development at Proliance Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine simply stated in a message to me: “It was a pleasure working with you…you are SO talented.”

Seattle Medical Videos Moarly

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