I’m often asked, “What type of video production company is Moarly Creative?” While we pride ourselves on high-quality storytelling, we create any and all types of videos; television commercials, marketing content, and even how-to videos – like we recently did for Delivery Express Logistics.

Delivery Express How-To Video

The Tukwila-based courier, logistics, trucking and carrier company wanted to teach their customers how to easily place orders online. So, that’s where our video production and content creation company came in. We partnered with Delivery Express to craft a script, and then used voice over, screen capture, and b-roll to create the how-to video they needed. Take a look at the finished product!

On top of gathering everything we needed for the how-to video, we also used a half shoot day to capture crews hard at work. Not only did Delivery Express Logistics want to teach customers how to make online orders, they also wanted people to get a glimpse inside their office. It was important for them to show the real folks who help behind-the-scenes everyday.

Delivery Express How-To Video

Do you recognize the voice in our Delivery Express Logistics how-to video? The above picture might give you a hint. Yep, that’s my dad Dan Lewis, a longtime news anchor in Seattle. We worked together at KOMO for a couple years before he retired and I started my Seattle video production company. He’s available to voice your company’s videos as well!

If you’d like how-to videos for your company, our video production and content creation company is more than happy to help with that. Please feel free to contact us at Moarly Creative. You can also connect with us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Whether you’re based in Seattle or beyond, we’d love to hear from you!

And we’re extremely thankful for this amazing video production testimonial from Kristian Hamilton at Delivery Express Logistics.