We’re often asked what type of video production we do at Moarly Creative. And the honest answer is: we do everything. And the proof is in the different style of videos we’ve created with Delivery Express Logistics.

We partnered with the Tukwila-based delivery and logistics company on numerous how-to videos, a splash video to generate excitement for a new software, and we even helped them celebrate their 25th anniversary with a storytelling video.

delivery express logistics video production testimonial
Our videographer capturing signage at Delivery Express Logistics

“It’s great to get such versatility from one company, and work with the same people from start to finish,” said Delivery Express Logistics marketing director Kristian Hamilton.

Delivery Express Logistics wanted to generate excitement about a new online ordering platform. It was a dramatic upgrade from the old system, and it was made to simplify life for their clients. We traveled with a delivery driver from pickup to drop off and also incorporated screen captures to create a fun splash video.

“Moarly Creative made the entire process so much easier than we anticipated and the end product was stunning,” Hamilton said.

To take things a step further, we then created a series of how-to videos to show clients how to use the new system. From the simple task of how to change a password to a more complex video to show how to place an order, we covered every step to make the transition as seamless as possible for Delivery Express Logistics and its customers.

“The content Tim and his team have produced has dramatically and positively enhanced the image of our company and has significantly improved our client experience and marketing efforts,” said Hamilton.

With a splash video and how-to videos under our belt, we also helped Delivery Express Logistics celebrate its 25th anniversary. To do that we conducted an authentic, conversational interview with company founder and president Dave Hamilton. He talked to us about the early days of Delivery Express Logistics and led us to where we are today. We also gathered high quality visuals in the warehouse, around the office, and even on the road with Dave.

“Moarly Creative’s creativity and skills and the videos they turn out just can’t be beat by any other Seattle video production company,” said Kristian Hamilton.

We thank Kristian Hamilton for her incredibly kind words. But more importantly, we’re grateful for the trust Delivery Express Logistics puts in us. They are a case study in our versatility as a video production company. And, it shows how we can be a one-stop-shop for all your video production needs.

delivery express logistics video production testimonial
Our team capturing b-roll of founder and president Dave Hamilton

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