Who says you need an office and cell service to have a successful day at work? Take a look at our recent team adventure to Snow Lake and Gem Lake. Little did I know what I’d realize on the trail that day, but it’s very true: hiking is a metaphor for how we work at Moarly Creative.

Hiking Metaphor Moarly

The 10-mile roundtrip hike was a bit of a grind. We had to push ourselves and spill some sweat. At the end we were all a little sore, tired, and in need of water. But it was worth every ounce of effort, because we had fun in the process and we created awesome memories that we can hold on to forever.

Honestly, that’s no different from video production process at Moarly Creative. We brainstorm an idea, come in with a game plan, grind until the work is done, share some laughs, and deliver memorable content for our partners. The effort we put in is all for you. Sure, we love telling incredible stories. But in the end, your success is our success. That’s why we’re with you every step of the hike…I mean…way.

Hiking Metaphor Snow Lake

Here’s how the Snow Lake and Gem Lake adventure actually went down:

Joined by former KOMO News anchor Dan Lewis, who also happens to be my dad and one of my best friends, we started our morning with a 3.6-mile jaunt to Snow Lake. After a quick break for some photos and snacks, we decided to continue another 1.4 miles to Gem Lake. It was totally worth the added effort. We didn’t have to push on, but just like our work – we love to go the extra mile.

P.S. Gem Lake is extremely beautiful and it’s the perfect place for a swim under the summer sun. I’m the only one who would actually know that, though. Spencer was only brave enough to put his feet in. My dad – he was just a bystander.

Hiking Metaphor Gem Lake

I truly never intended to compare hiking to our work, but it’s the perfect metaphor for what we do at Moarly Creative. We work hard, have fun, and create awesome, memorable content that you can share with your audience.

Do you want to join the fun? No, you don’t have to go hiking with us (although you can if you want), but you can partner with our hard-working, fun-loving team. You need incredible content — Moarly Creative┬ádelivers that. Contact us or connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Vimeo.