It’s one of the questions we’re most often asked: How long should my video be? While there is no concrete answer, we live by a simple rule at Moarly Creative — the shorter the better. And there are several reason for that.

Listen to this story:


The first and most important reason is your audience. It’s a fact that most people have a very short attention span. At Moarly, we always push to keep a videos between one and two minutes — three minutes is about as long as we’ll ever go (and that’s rare). Wistia, a video hosting website for business, looked at more than 1.3 billion views on their platform and found two minutes (or shorter) to be the “sweet spot.”

The reality is that a three-minute story can usually be told in two minutes. And truthfully, a video tends to be more powerful squeezed into a tight package. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes longer videos are necessary. That typically falls into the educational or how-to category, though. If you have a six-minute video, I would suggest breaking that up into two three-minute segments. Your content is much more consumable that way.

How long should my video be

When it comes to video: the shorter the better.


On the other side of things, if you can tell a awesome story in 30 seconds, then tell your story in 30 seconds. Most viral videos sit between 30-45 seconds. And let’s be real, who doesn’t want their video to go viral?

Ask yourself this question: how long am I willing to sit and watch a video? That’s really important. Watch what other people are putting together. There’s a really good chance you start to lose your focus and/or interest around a minute and a half to two minutes. If you aren’t willing to sit through a four-minute video, then why would you make a video that long?

One of the biggest no-nos in video production is making a video longer just for the sake of making it longer. You might think a longer video means more information, and more information means the more your audience will takeaway from it. Sorry…that’s not (typically) the way it works. Make a video shorter for the sake of making it better, and most importantly, more consumable and engaging.

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