There are endless views in the Hardangerfjord region of Norway. You are constantly surrounded by mountains and the fjord. But of all the stunning scenes, it’s tough to beat the view from Kjeasen Farm.

Kjeasen Farm is located high on a mountain (nearly 2,000 feet to be exact) outside of Eidfjord, Norway. And the view of Hardangerfjord from that elevation is spectacular. The farm isn’t searchable on Google Maps, so here is a pinned version to follow.

Kjeasen Farm Norway

You can hike to Kjeasen Farm by parking at Sima Power Station (map) and then traversing the side of the mountain to the top. Visit Norway says it will take an hour to an hour and a half each way. But it also lists the effort level as “expert” because “ropes, logs and ladders are necessary along the way.” Click here to learn more about the hike.

If hiking isn’t your thing, you can also drive to Kjeasen Farm. The road to the farm starts in Simadal (about 8km from Eidfjord) and winds 5km to the top. Half the drive is through a narrow tunnel. It’s so narrow that traffic can only travel one way at a time. On the hour, vehicles can travel up the mountain. On the half hour, vehicles can travel down.

No matter how you choose to get to Kjeasen Farm, you should take the time to head there. The view of Hardangerfjord from the farm — which is no longer operational — is truly spectacular. If travel photography and videography is your thing, this is a can’t miss location.

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