There are a million reasons to visit Maui. Sun, beaches, and relaxation just to name a few. But not only is Maui an island paradise, it’s also paradise for travel photography and videography. There is no shortage of incredible views and amazing creatures to capture.

This was my first winter trip to Maui since I was a kid. Winter in Hawaii means one thing – whale season! That was one of my goals on this trip: photograph humpback whales in their element. That’s why I went on a whale watching trip with the Pacific Whale Foundation out of Wailuku. While we did spot plenty of whales, we didn’t see a ton of activity (no breaching, tail slaps, etc.). With that said, I still captured some nice photographs of the whales doing their thing.

Maui Whale Fluke

If you don’t feel the need to get up close with whales, you can still see them breaching, blowing, and slapping from the beach. In fact, one of the biggest surprises was hearing the whales communicate underwater right off Ka’anapali Beach. Luckily, my GoPro was able to pick up their songs, making for a neat, unexpected video.

Turn on your sound for this! The visuals aren’t exciting but I think the audio is amazing. I recorded this off Kaanapali Beach in Maui. It’s whale season right now, so you can actually hear humpbacks communicating when you’re underwater.

— Tim Lewis (@LewisSports) March 3, 2018

Another goal on my Maui travels was getting video and photographs of green sea turtles (natively known as honu). They are easily one of my favorite creatures in the world, and there’s nothing like spotting them in or out of the water in Hawaii. I was fortunate enough to have encounters with sea turtles in Honolua Bay (my favorite place to snorkel on the island) and right off Ka’anapali Beach.

Under the sea with a honu in Maui.

— Moarly Creative (@MoarlyCreative) March 5, 2018

On top of the incredible animals, there are also awesome views all over the island. Whether it’s a lookout point, golden beach, or volcanic crater, Maui offers tremendous landscape photography and videography opportunities. Check out this link for suggestions on the top places to shoot in Maui.

Maui green sea turtle

No, you don’t need a reason to visit Maui. But if you’re into travel photography and videography (especially if you own a video production and content creation company like Moarly Creative), Maui is the place to be. You’ll be tired from capturing so much beauty. The best part, though, there are plenty of beaches to relax on afterwards.

Have you ever visited Maui? What are your favorite places for travel photography and videography on the island? Please leave a comment below or connect with us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Vimeo. I’d love to hear from you!

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