If you’re reading this blog post, it’s likely you’ve seen pictures of colorful tulip fields. You can travel to The Netherlands to see them in person. Or, you can hop up the freeway for a fantastic Seattle photo up at the Skagit Valley tulips in Mount Vernon.

Skagit Valley tulips Seattle

The Skagit Valley tulips are located about an hour outside of Seattle. This handy tulip map serves two purposes: it shows you where to find the tulip fields in Mount Vernon, and it also “lights up” when the tulip fields are in full bloom. Not to mention, RoozenGaarde (properly pronounced Roo-zen-guard-uh), the center of everything Skagit Valley tulips, shares the latest updates from their tulip fields. It’s a go-to source for this Seattle photo op.

As you might expect, folks flock from all over to see the Skagit Valley tulips. In other words, pack your patience. Bring some cash, too. Parking in any of the lots is $7 (it’s a one-time fee…you don’t have to pay it in every lot if you’re moving around), and bundles of tulips are $5 at the flower stands. Admission to the RoozenGaarde display garden (map) is also $7 ($6 with military ID, kids 5 and under are free), but that covers your parking at the other lots as well. Cards are accepted at RoozenGaarde.

Skagit Valley tulips Seattle

When is the best time to see Skagit Valley tulips you ask? It all depends on Mother Nature. In 2018, the tulip fields were at or near full bloom the week of April 16th and were expected to be in fine form through the end of the month. If the bloom happens early enough, you can also enjoy the Skagit Valley daffodils. Both flowers only bloom once a year. The same goes for the fantastic cherry blossoms at the University of Washington.

Visiting the Skagit Valley tulips is truly a sight to behold. It’s impossible to explain how amazing the colorful fields look in person. I head there every year and it still blows my mind every time I see them. Don’t miss this Seattle photo op and don’t forget to put down your camera and soak it all in.

Skagit Valley tulips Seattle

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