There is a popular saying in the marketing world: “People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it.” There’s obviously nothing wrong with showcasing your gizmos and gadgets, but you won’t truly “reach” an audience until you share your story. Pacific Bag is a company that understands the power of storytelling, and that’s why they partnered with our Seattle video production and content creation company to create a feature video for their new website.

Pacific Bag sells top-notch bags, they take quality control and customer service seriously, and they even have a patented one-way degassing valve (which helps keep products fresh – in layman’s terms). That was all extremely important to highlight in their feature video. But, it was also important to capture the company’s personality. Pacific Bag is an awesome place to work, and employees are extremely passionate about what they do. That’s a huge part of their story, so we needed to highlight that as well.

I think the end result speaks for itself:

There is nothing more powerful than an honest story and that’s exactly what this is. There were no scripts, prepared lines, or second takes. I just ask questions and everyone gives me genuine answers. These are real employees and customers, who love talking about their passion for Pacific Bag. Along the video journey, you also get to learn about their products. It’s a great mix of what and why.

“We love featuring the video on our new website,” Pacific Bag posted on Facebook, including a shout-out to Moarly Creative.

This is the type of story we’re fit to create at Seattle video production and content creation company Moarly Creative. With more than a decade of experience in television news and marketing, we’ve told thousands of stories in our professional careers. We’d love to share your story next! Please feel free to contact us and/or connect on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Vimeo.