When I first started Seattle video production company Moarly Creative, one of the first clients to contact me was HomeStreet Bank. Their idea was to create a customer testimonial video series focused on business and commercial banking. The series — called Better Together — started in 2017 and still continues today.

Needless to say the HomeStreet Bank customer testimonial video series is a huge success. It received such rave reviews that we turned many of the videos into commercials for television and streaming services. I see the ads pop up all the time (especially during Seattle Seahawks games), and there’s a good chance you’ve seen our spots as well.

HomeStreet Bank is based in Seattle but they have branches across the West Coast and Pacific. That means their stories are everywhere too. The customer testimonial series has taken our team around the Seattle Metropolitan Area, throughout the Pacific Northwest, and even into California and Hawaii.

Customer Testimonial Video Series HomeStreet Bank
Our customer testimonial video shoot with HomeStreet Bank in Kona, Hawaii

We have captured many different styles of businesses for the HomeStreet Bank customer testimonial series, which in turn means different styles of video production. The first video we shot was with McMenamins, a popular hospitality company with hotels, bars, restaurants and event spaces in the Pacific Northwest.

And the most recent customer testimonial video we completed with HomeStreet Bank was with ProFormance Driving School, an advanced driver education school for racing, recreation and street survival. As you can imagine, this customer testimonial is fast paced, hard hitting and just like all the other videos in the series — powerful.

The HomeStreet Bank customer testimonial video series has featured a non-profit organization, a property management company, a commercial diving and salvage company, a chocolate company and pretty much everything in between. But the most successful customer testimonial we created is one that actually broke the mold. It focused on the home buying experience of an individual named Michele King, who lives outside of Portland, Oregon.

The Michele King customer testimonial video received more than one million views on the HomeStreet Bank Facebook page alone. We also turned the video into a television commercial that ran longer than any other customer testimonial we created with HomeStreet Bank. It was used for years.

But success like that isn’t unusual for the HomeStreet Bank customer testimonial video series. Don’t take it from me, though. Hear it from HomeStreet Bank vice president and creative director Ryan Mitchell.

“Tim and his crew create exceptional testimonial videos that bring the stories of our customers to life,” Mitchell said. “Aside from being authentic and beautiful, these assets deliver real business value for our company. They are a favorite tool of our bankers and they also garner a ton of engagement on our social channels. Videos as good as these are well worth the investment and continue to pay for themselves over and over again.”

Customer Testimonial Video Series HomeStreet Bank
Our customer testimonial video shoot with Joe Chocolates in Seattle

And the best part is: these customer testimonial videos are fun for us to create as well. We’ve met a lot of wonderful people during these shoots, all with passion for their business, community, customers, etc. On top of that, we’ve built a wonderful relationship with HomeStreet Bank along the way (and we’ve tackled plenty of different videos and even a webcast with them as well). We can’t wait to see where they send us next.

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking to create customer testimonial videos for your business. We’d love to partner with you on a single video or an entire series. Seriously, please contact us. Call, email, text — whatever is easiest for you. Or you can track us down on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. And click here if you’d like to dive directly into more stories from the HomeStreet Bank customer testimonial series.