When I left my career in televisions news and started a video production and content creation company, I knew I wanted to share powerful and engaging stories with the world. And over the years, that storytelling has often taken shape as Seattle customer testimonial videos — with numerous satisfied clients along the way.

“Tim and his crew create exceptional testimonial videos that bring the stories and experiences of our customers to life,” said HomeStreet Bank creative director Ryan Mitchell. “Aside from being authentic and beautiful, these assets deliver real business value for our company.”

seattle customer testimonial videos
Conducting an interview for a HomeStreet Bank Seattle customer testimonial video

In 2018, HomeStreet Bank hired us to create a series of customer testimonial videos. The Better Together series is a huge success and continues today. We even helped HomeStreet Bank turn the customer testimonials into television ads that have aired in Seattle for several years. Our crews have captured customer testimonial videos with HomeStreet Bank in Washington, Oregon, California and Hawaii.

“Customer testimonial videos as good as these are well worth the investment and continue to pay for themselves over and over again,” raved Mitchell.

HomeStreet Bank isn’t the only client that relies on us for customer testimonial videos. Another business we partner with is L2L, a cloud-based lean manufacturing company. L2L’s customer testimonial videos have also taken us out of Seattle and sent us across the country, including manufacturing plants in Arkansas, Michigan, Utah, Louisiana and many other states.

Capturing a customer testimonial video with L2L in Dodson, Louisiana

“Tim is an excellent subject matter expert on storytelling and video production,” said L2L’s Bill Boucher. “Because he is efficient and flexible, he can beat any pricing I have found in the Seattle market.”

“I recommend Moarly Creative for customer testimonial videos with no hesitation,” Boucher added.

With a background in television news, I am committed to knowing and understanding a story well before a shoot day. That allows for the success when capturing content, ensuring authentic and conversational interviews, and gathering the best visuals for Seattle customer testimonial videos.

“It’s incredibly refreshing to work with guys who ‘get it,’ and put in an effort to actually understand the ins and outs of their subject,” said Lara Mayer of Seattle based Global Diving & Salvage. “It’s one thing to go out and put together a great looking video, it’s a whole other thing entirely to make a great looking video that is informative, accurate and entertaining all at the same time.”

seattle customer testimonial videos
Shooting a customer testimonial video with Global Diving & Salvage in Anchorage, Alaska

Global Diving & Salvage’s tagline is ‘No Job Too Difficult or Deep,” and that truly sums up their business. They salvage sunken vessels, conduct high-level marine construction, clean up oil spills and much more. And they tackle their work not only in Seattle but around the world. We have traveled to Alaska, California, Florida and many other locations to shoot their customer testimonial videos.

“I highly recommend Moarly Creative to any prospective client looking to promote their brand through testimonial videos,” said Eric Rose of Global Diving & Salvage.

From banking to manufacturing and anything in between, I hope we’ve shown our value for Seattle customer testimonial videos and beyond. We’re a hard working and fun loving video production team that doesn’t believe in the words “good enough.” We aim to make every customer testimonial video perfect (or any video we create for that matter). That’s because your success is our success.

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